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The Manipulator

with the filter manipulator a whole new realm of effects opens up for you to edit your videos: create fading effects, oscillations, shaking scenes, optical effects, color fluctuations ... you name it. What this powerful tool does can be easily summed up:

the manipulator allows you to alter the filter values for each frame! So far when you applied a filter its value that you set by the slider was applied throughout the whole video (unless turned off). Now you can change that value to whatever value you want at whatever frame you want.

the screenshot shows the graphical user interface (GUI) of the manipulator. As you can see there are a lot of buttons, texts and numbers but most of them are more or less self-explanatory. The filter name (in the example the brightness filter has been selected) indicates which filter you are currently working on. The white area (the graph area) shows you the values of the filter (y-axis) at the respective frames (x-axis). You can draw the graph completely manually or use one of the six P functions (sine and exponential functions) or connect the values via straight lines (orange D button) or create smooth curves (orange C button). The functions are highly adaptable (arrow keys, R, M buttons). There even is a zoom area for filters which have high maximum values. Here you can set precise values.

You will find a full description of the manipulator in the manipulator manual. But I think that the screenshot above will give you already a good idea of what you can do.

sample video:


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