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Centertracker deluxe

Centertracker deluxe: simple, efficient, cool effects, affordable price ... check it out! Check the videos at the bottom and on the subpages (on the left in the menu) :-) The software comes with manuals so it will be easy for you to work with it. You might even skip them as everything is designed to be straightforward ... if you have questions just go ahead and ask. You will receive an answer within no time :-)

general notice:

I have not been developping the software for quite some time now. So if you are still interested in the software please be aware that support is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, Centertracker has shown to be working properly only on Win Vista and Win 7 and Win XP with some difficulties in regard to codecs (other OS not tested!). The only reliable codec is Xvid (AVI) and of course uncompressed AVI. Other codecs may or may not work. You also may need to install further (free) software (as indicated in the help files). Thus, you may still buy a copy but keep those things in mind. Thank you!


as a customer you are granted free updates for a period of 1 year (as of date of purchase)*


what can I do with Centertracker deluxe & what's new?


sample videos: CLICK

Update 4 available now! # NEW #

(each new customer will always get the newest version, including the unofficial new features. If you are already a customer you need to wait until the next official update)


in addition to the 4 center tracking modes you can do:


* the programmer is not obliged to conduct updates which means that the customer has the right to receive free updates (within the specified period of time) as long as they are available


I recommend to first download and test the trial version of Centertracker and to watch the example videos on my Youtube channel (or on this website) to get a first impression and make yourself familiar with the software and to see which results you can expect from it. Note that the functionality is not complete as the trial version has not been updated since update 2 of the full version. Also the mouse handling (the slider adjustment) gets slow the more filters you choose on a video, an issue that has meanwhile been fixed.

as of 04.09.2017 orders are not possible anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience!

In case you want to purchase your copy of Centertracker deluxe it is necessary that you read and accept the End-User-License-Agreement (EULA). Only if you agree with the terms therein you can order!

You can download the EULA here:



You will receive your copy of the Software as a password-protected ZIP Download. Please don't be afraid of all the text in the EULA. What it generally tries to make sure is that you do not get involved into piracy. If you don't then you are 100% on the safe side cheeky


System requirements:

Centertracker has been tested on a 1.73 GHz machine with Windows Vista and on another (faster) machine running with Win7. Free software providers on the internet indicate that it also runs on XP.

additional software requirements (only needed for the four tracking modes):

recommeded software (codecs, (de)compressing videos):


² a few words concerning AVI format. IMHO it is the simplest video format out there. Compression with Xvid is very satisfactory if you want to reduce space on hard disk. In case of need AVI can always be converted to other formats. Hence it is ideal for video editors and makes switching to other formats unnecessary.



screenshot of current starting window (click to enlarge):

(screenshots below were made before update)



sample videos

Movement Studies Filter, sample I

Movement Studies Filter, sample II

convert photos & videos to cartoon

convert photos & videos to cartoon

motion blur example I

motion blur example II / The Ghost Motorway

video stitching with background image

thermographic camera / pseud IR filter

video stitching

video stitching + fisheye, panning filters

expose filter

video from images

digital slow motion effect

rotating disco ball effect

convert photos & videos to cartoon

convert photos & videos to cartoon, mode 2

picture frame corner pinning / mouse tracking (mode 2):

perspective corner pinning with an alien :-)

perspective corner pin effect:

multiple colorkey / color emphasis:

improved color emphasis / keying:

color change / colorkey:

optimized color tracking + size detection:

improved colorkey:

fisheye ASCII art:

combination of different effects:

C64 ASCII art:

enhance dark videos with brightness II / saturation filters:

encrypt / decrypt your videos:

light tubing:

afterglow effect:

8-bit style:

fading (afterglow, mode light, a.), 10 frames:

ASCII art, mode: C64 charset, colored

fisheye effect:

edges II, mode 2, blur factor 2:

analysis II:

lighttubing with laser pointer:

lighttubing with flashlight:



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